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Canadian Lawyer Directory

The Canadian Lawyer Directory makes it easy to find your new Lawyer, Solicitor or other legal council.

The Canadian Lawyer Directory provides all the critical contact information (addresses, phone, plus email and website where available). You can print maps to each lawyer's office.

There are many types of lawyers and it is critical that you find one who is not only experienced, but is well respected in their area of the law. That is why we enable our visitors to review the lawyers they've used in the past. And read the reviews of others.

Lawyers by Province or Territory

Ontario Lawyers - 8828
Quebec Lawyers - 4619
British Columbia Lawyers - 3175
Alberta Lawyers - 1574
Saskatchewan Lawyers - 574
Manitoba Lawyers - 524
Nova Scotia Lawyers - 348
New Brunswick Lawyers - 338
Newfoundland Lawyers - 285
Prince Edward Island Lawyers - 66
Yukon Lawyers - 18
Northwest Territories Lawyers - 9
Lawyers - 1

Recently Searched

Name : Daley & Associates
Address: 4000 Steeles Ave W
City: Woodbridge, ON
Phone: 905-850-2002


Toronto (3305 Lawyers)
Montreal (1889 Lawyers)
Vancouver (1805 Lawyers)
Calgary (900 Lawyers)
North York (894 Lawyers)
Quebec (421 Lawyers)
Ottawa (396 Lawyers)
Winnipeg (366 Lawyers)
London (268 Lawyers)
Surrey (247 Lawyers)

All Cities in Canada

Other Provinces

Ontario (8828 Lawyers)
Quebec (4619 Lawyers)
British Columbia (3175 Lawyers)
Alberta (1574 Lawyers)
Saskatchewan (574 Lawyers)
Manitoba (524 Lawyers)
Nova Scotia (348 Lawyers)
New Brunswick (338 Lawyers)
Newfoundland (285 Lawyers)
Prince Edward Island (66 Lawyers)
Yukon (18 Lawyers)
Northwest Territories (9 Lawyers)
(1 Lawyers)

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I appreciate the efforts of Alisa Williams for......

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3 . Connick Erin A Lawyer
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5 . Crooks Doc W R Lawyer
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